Solutions for Cyclo-Cross DVD


The basics of cyclo-cross technique aren't things you can learn from a book or via e-mail; they can only be mastered through visual demonstrations, explanations, and practice. In this DVD, Cycle-Smart coaches and cyclo-cross experts Adam Myerson and Johannes Huseby bring the experience of their annual cyclo-cross camp to your living room, presenting the basics of 'cross: mounting, dismounting, and carrying the bike. Whether you're considering buying your first 'cross bike or refining your existing 'cross racing skills, the information in this DVD will make you a faster, more efficient rider, leading to more fun and enjoyment of your cyclo-cross riding and racing experience.

Welcome to Cycle-Smart's "Solutions for Cyclo-Cross!"

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2003 Verge NECCS Season DVD


Whether you were there in person or not, now you can see all the races of the 2003 Verge New England Championship Cyclo-Cross Series in this action-packed, 1-hour season review. See every UCI event, every barrier, and all the key moments of the elite men and women's events: Ryan Trebon attacking Todd Wells (and then rolling his tire) with 1 lap to go at Gloucester, Wells bunny hopping the hurdles on the last lap at Northampton, and Gully and McCormack battling it out for the overall in the snow and ice of Merrimack. See Mary McConneloug take an early lead in the Series in the mud of New Gloucester, ME, and then face a tough, season-long challenge from Allison Dunlap and the Clif Bar duo of Gina Hall and Carmen D'Alusio, as well as the local heros Anna Milkowski, Marianne Stover, and the meteoric Maureen Bruno.

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CycleOps PowerTap


CycleOps has developed a complete system of products to help you discover the power to achieve your personal best. From power meters to computers to education to software to indoor trainers and more, they've got you covered. Contact Cycle-Smart for more information on this system of products or click here if you need help choosing the right device.

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SRM Training System


The SRM Training System allows you to gain the most important information about your training, performance and physical condition. There are very few viable options for riders looking to train by power. Of those options, SRM stands apart in how long it has been on the market, it's reliability, and it's usability. Cyclists at all levels rely on their SRM for making the most of their training. The SRM is the only device which can supply you with accurate data concerning your training progress and physical condition without falsification usually occurring in laboratories, where outside factors such as climate, wind, race situations etc. are eliminated.

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If you are an athlete and your sport depends upon leg speed and power, PowerCranks™ will guarantee you substantially improved performance. PowerCranks™ is the first (and only) device available that actually trains the major hip flexor and hamstring muscles to become aerobic power machines.

By training with PowerCranks™ one can easily train these important muscles without any additional time commitment, making the time you are now spending training, more effective and efficient. Our data indicates the typical cyclist/triathlete can increase power on the bicycle 40% (that's 2-3 mph faster on the road for most) and the typical runner can take 20 minutes off their marathon time in less than one season. Further, it seems that second year improvement can be just as dramatic, if not more so.

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