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The Secret Set Up, Part 1: Cyclocross Bike Fit

Bike racing has a reputation of being an elitist sport. Not necessarily because all cyclists are snobs (though they may be), but more because cycling in the US has been a sport that was difficult to find out about and get started with compared to mainstream ball sports. The people who did discover it found a secret world of Italian racing bikes and pink newspapers, or maybe decided to study French instead of Spanish in high school.


In Position To Win

In the article Get Fit! I outlined my four crucial parameters for bike fit: saddle height, saddle set back, handlebar reach, and handlebar drop. In this article I want to take that one step further and talk about how to use those same guidelines to dial in your time trial position, either on your road bike or on a dedicated time trial bike.


Get Fit!

Whether you spend 5 hours a week on your bike or 35, a proper fit can make all the difference in the world. Like many aspects of training for cycling, bike fit is a type of quasi-science, with a lot of folk knowledge and old school adages mixed in with some attempts at real measurements of performance changes based on certain angles and lengths. A balance between both is in order, since the science tells us what should be the case, while the real world experience tells us how it actually feels.